How to make the red oak board bow # 6

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  1. Patrick McGowan Reply


    I’m on my third 72″ English longbow made from English oak. The first two cracked perhaps because I am a longbow beginner! What length of string do I need for the semi-brace and full brace as it is not clear from your video.

    Regards: Patrick McGowan, Manchester, UK

    • Admin Reply

      The length of the tillering string I make extra long on purpose. I then use this string with a timber hitch for the slack string, semi-brace, and the full brace. I then make a string for the bow complete with servings. I make this one by pulling out my single strands to 100 inches. This is usually more than enough. I can never tell how much I put into the firsts flemish twist. I do this side first, twist both sets of 7 strings, insert the loop already made to the bow on one side, and pull it down the length of the bow. I then aim for making my second flemish twist for 2 inches lower than the string groove at the tip of the other side. I cut off what ever is too much to twist back into the bow string. I can adjust further by twisting the bow string more to make it shorter, or untwist it to make it longer. I tried using a flemish string jig, but always ended up struggling to get the first loop right so that I can have enough for the other side. The way I do it now produces more waste, but is, in my opinion, easier.

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