The Bowyers classroom red oak board bow build along





This first video shows what you will need.

Click here for video 1

This second video shows how to make a tillering tree.  An essential tool for building a bow.

Click here for video 2

This 3rd video shows you how I make the lines, the cuts, and the glue on the handles and the tip overlays.

Click here fore video 3

This 4th video shows the last cuts needed and shows how to back the bow.

Click here for video # 4

This 5th video is where I show you how I prepare my stave for tillering.

Click here for video # 5

This 6th video explains how to tiller a bow with a bonus time lapse for demonstration.

Click here for video # 6

The 7nth video goes over shaping the handle.

Click here for video # 7

In the 8th and final video, I show you how I finish up my bow.


Click here for video # 8

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  1. Nikos Syggelakis Reply

    Thank you for reply . My first longbow is broken . All went well until I try to put on a shorter string . I press to much on the floor . I am making a new one now. This time is easiest and making better measure so both sides are equal now . The length is 184 cm the thicker part (looking sideways) near the handle 2 cm and the thin at the edge is 1 cm . It is 4 cm wide at the handle and one cm wide at the edge . I let you know when is done . Thank you again for your kind reply . If I brake it again Ill let you know .

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