You have found me! Welcome. Latest change date 10/16/2016. Now trying out Woocommerce for my store front. Some changes had to be made. Main bar is now my store bar. Informational videos have moved to the footer bar. Many people choose to use add block and my payments from google have plummeted even though my views and subscribers keep going up. My free info did not come free. I spent my time and energy to give quality, free, and useful videos. All expected from the viewer is to suffer a few seconds of adds. I feel that this is a great compromise. Since I do not speak for everyone, I have a need to make my website more store oriented in hopes to bring income selling goods. This is a primary source of income for me so please be patient while I work on my website. I love to answer questions, hear about others experiences, and receive comments. I answer my youtube comments the fastest so please drop me a line there. Thank you all for your support!

Please visit my store and browse my hand made goods. If you are here to build bows check down at the footer menu or click the button to move straight to my bow build-along videos.