Arrow building




Through the years arrows have taken on a very industrial type look.  Carbon and aluminum as well as some other synthetic materials are the types of shafting widely used today.  The compound bow is most likely to blame.  Such power needs such shafting.  But man are they ugly.  Nothing beats a beautiful wood arrow with feather fletching.


More than looks are concerned, certain bows need more flexible shafts not seen in the “industrial strength” carbon and aluminum shafting.  If you have a bow that has a shelf cut out half the bow width plus half an arrow width you can get away with a stiff arrow because the arrow does not need to bend to continue straight.  Wood spines offer more bend for those bows with wider arrow rests.  Of course this is a basic explanation that gets more complicated when fine tuning your shot, but the gist is that if your arrow rest is not fully cut out you can benefit from a wood arrow.  Here is the most basic of tutorials to get you started with more to come.

Click here to see the basic arrow tutorial

I would also like to share with you how I learned to make fletchings of any shape with using a template and some masking tape.  It does a decent job without spending money on expensive fletch making equipment.

Click the image above!


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