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I wanted to let you know that this page is now under construction.  I have finally found a direction I want to take in building and promoting this website.  This Page will be primarily for bow building and archery in general.  I will have fishing stuff as well from time to time.  I have finally decided to take the next step in GoGeronimo.com and am excited to see where this leads.  Any ideas in improving my website are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Bob Reply

    Hello, I’am making a hickory bow with hickory backing and was wondering if I glue the backing on first my hickory is a full 1″ thick by 1.5″ wide and I would like to make the bow 68″ long with a 7″ handle and go past handle on each side 1″ to start my angle down to tips but my question is do I measure my 1″ near the handle down to 3/8″ to the tips before I add the 1/8″ thick hickory backing or after,my goal is to get this bow around 50 to 55# and was also wondering if I should still use tip overlays or not.

    • Admin Reply

      Hello. I usually back the bow after I make my cuts on the core wood. If you are making a flat bow it does not really matter. One + for waiting until the cuts are made is if you mess up a cut at least you still have your backing for next try. I have shortened the handle to shorten the limbs before, so I think your dimensions should work. Hickory is a strong wood (stronger than red oak) so I imagine you should hit your pull weight. Good Luck! Just a reminder that I answer my youtube comments faster than here on my website.

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