I just wanted to give anyone who cares an update on what I am up to.  I am editing my “How to make a red oak longbow #7” video.  It will go over shaping the handle, and may go over shaping the tips as well.  I have been working on sand casting aluminum.  Thanks to everyone who has donated the aluminum to me.  I have many projects in research and development, and many ideas for future projects.  I have purchased a MIG welder and have found it difficult to weld thin steal.  I am working on making a rocket stove from 1 lb disposable camping propane tanks (I love re-purposing). The welds are horrible.  I have been working on a boat port/summer work station/wood shed for the last 4 weeks.  It has greatly reduced my video production on youtube (and my money).  I am happy to report that I am so close to finishing though.  I have a time lapse for anyone who is interested.  Just another video needing editing at the moment.  O, and I almost forgot, I learned a very valuable lesson this weekend.  Make sure you close your vehicle door when backing up into your backyard.  It may break off.  Yup….. That happened.  Thanks for your interest and your support.  God bless.

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