I thought I was out far enough from civilization!

I went hunting today.  I did not see anything (story of my life).  I did, however, have a nice peaceful time in the woods.  That is until a white pickup truck came out of no where.  There are no roads where the truck came from.  The driver was literally beating his own path.  No wonder I didn’t have any luck this morning.  It is interesting how when we think we escaped something (civilization in this case) It finds us any ways.


On a side note, if any of you Eglin reserve hunters are reading this, does anyone read the map anymore.  I have seen some serious violations this year.  I came across one guy who was rifle hunting when no hunting was open two days in a row.  Not to mention today’s white pickup truck in an area where no vehicles are aloud.  Rules keep us safe.  I will now quietly step off of my soap box.  Happy hunting.

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