Hunters get a bad rep.

I spoke to a person today that was familiar with the story about the 82 year old man shooting two bears for what he called self defense.  I told her I wrote a blog about it.  Click her for that blog.  She said “so why did you write a blog about the story”.  I said  its because I like hunting and those stories interest me.  She automatically said “So you are on the opposite side”.  What she meant by this is that she was for saving bears and I was for killing bears.  People view hunters simply as killers.  We are much more.  If she would have read my blog she would have none I was on the bears side.


Hunters play a big role in wild life management.  The back story of the man shooting the two bears is that our area is becoming over populated by black bears, and he felt he needed to do something about it.   At one point in the past the black bear population was over hunted.  This made Wild Life Management put bears on the protected species list which banned them from being hunted.  Now black bears are thriving again.


The remedy here is not to kill any black bear and cubs you see coming into your neighborhood, but to allow a strictly controlled way to hunt and harvest bear without over doing it.  I am suggesting that a tag raffle be put in place in order to help keep down the black bear population.  This is already being used for gators, so why wont it work for bears?  A set amount of bear tags could be raffled, and only people with those tags would be able to harvest a bear.  This would do two things.  It would help with the numbers, and help the bears have a healthy fear of humans.  This could detour them from hanging out close to neighborhoods.  I welcome our thoughts on this matter.

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