The red oak bow build along series

gluing and cuttingClick here for the third video in the series.


I have recently completed the 3rd video on how to make a red oak longbow. I should be done with the complete series in a months time. A new tab will be designated for this series for ease of locating the tutorials. also, I would like for you to leave comments if you have any questions since it is difficult to add every minor detail into the videos. I would be glad to try and help as much as possible.


Click here for the 1st video in the series.


click here for the 2nd video in the series.






6 comments on “The red oak bow build along series”

  1. Caskey Reply

    thanks for your videos. i am working on my first bow. wish i would have found you site before i started mine. when the time comes could you please go into detail the making of you bow string.

    • Admin Reply

      Your welcome. Making bows is not an easy task and at times the first ones don’t work out. I went through 4 bamboo backed Ipe bows breaking during tillering before I got one right. I will try to help as much as possible. When the time comes for the flemish bow string I will try to make the video as detailed as possible. For now you can check out the flemish bow string with timber hitch video which would work with just about any traditional style bow. Click the following link.

  2. Brian Reply

    Awesome videos on red oak bow. Can’t wait for next installment. Been wanting to do this for a while.I have been watching videos on YouTube trying to find a good tutorial. Your series thus far is the best hands down. Kind of want to also try a reflex/deflex type also….Have you tried?

    • Admin Reply

      Thanks Brian. The reflex/deflex type bows that I make are the bamboo and Ipe laminate bow. These are sweet bows. I have a personal one that I have had for 2 years and occasionally take hunting. My backdrop picture on my homepage currently has me shooting this bow. It has a piece of Allen camo duct tape on the bamboo so it’s hard to tell just by looking that it is a bamboo ipe bow. Maybe in the future I will do a video on this.

  3. Caskey Reply

    i would like to use a wood stain on this red oak bow. would that cause any structual integrity issues?

    • Admin Reply

      Using a stain would not damage the integrity of your bow as far as I know. It may even help preserve your wood. I would still use a polyurethane finish over the top. Wood soaks up moisture. Moisture ruins wood, so the big thing is to protect your wood. Another tip is to keep your bow in an air conditioned room and never expose it to extreme temperatures like a car in the sun or a garage for any long period of time.

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